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“A Braccia Aperte” was founded in September 2005 and developed in
different sectors ranging from direct support to families in need
to the creation and management of “Parco della Vita” in Cesano Boscone (Mi),
from the support and training for volunteers
to self-financing through campaigns of recycling of clothes,
bicycles plastic caps, corks and aluminum.

“A Braccia Aperte” together with other organizations such as Centro
Ambrosiano di Aiuto alla Vita, Cooperativa Sociale Tuttinsieme,
A Piccoli Passi Onlus, Fondazione Ambrosiana per la Vita and
Pio Istituto di Maternità, has formed a true network of
active collaboration rooted in the Milan area.

Associazione di Volontariato - Onlus
Via Lorenteggio 181, 20147 Milano
tel: 0241271003
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