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Thursday, 20 August 2009 00:00

- Recycling is good for everyone!  -

In  2008 we created a network  for the  collection of different
materials which, once sent for recycling with its environmental benefits,  
it  became a source of self - financing to the association.
    We collect:

 - PLASTIC CAPS, which will become new chairs, tables,  fruit boxes, pots etc…;

- CORK STOPPERS, collaborating with the cooperative Estia of the jail in Bollate, the Center of Research of Sardinia, WWF Italy and Amorim Cork Italy  we can both help  the Sardinian cork fields to survive and give new life to the caps collected as acoustic insulation for green building;

- ALUMINUM OBJECTS. Incorporated into the project of CONSORZIO IMBALLAGGI ALLUMINIO dedicated to  non-profit organization "Solidarity Gathering" and involving several high schools in the west of Milan, we help transforming simple cans into new bicycles, coffee pots, benches, wheel rims etc…

- BICYCLES collaborating with the Ciclofficina Mi-Raggio we recover old bikes  or in need of minor repairs. Even accessories such as helmets, reflective vests, pumps or children seats are collected and then redistributed

At  the Centro di Aiuto alla Vita ( via Tonezza, 3, Milan) we collect clothing, accessories (coats, strollers, etc ...), food and toys for children.
Every month all the material is sorted during the FIELD WORK.

You can find further  information regarding  the individual collections
by clicking on the menu

on the left side .... good recycling to all !!!


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