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Thursday, 20 August 2009 00:00

Is your child sick and you don’t know where to stay during hospital care?
The answer is Pasteur PROJECT.

Through direct contacts with the hospitals participating in this project, the association is able to provide to families two apartments, both for short and long stays.
This project is directed to families with minors who are in serious health conditions that require treatments in advanced structures that a city like Milan offers.

It’s provided just a reimbursement of expenses, which varies depending on the long of the stay. These apartments are a new reality of hosting, in particular for those families which live outside the province helping them finding comfortable accommodations. Our volunteers take care of reception and attentiveness to the needs and lend themselves to solving practical problems of families housed.


Gli ospedali e gli enti che attualmente collaborano con noi sono :
- Clinica De Marchi
- Istituto dei Tumori
- Ospedale V. Buzzi
- I.C.P. Clinica Mangiagalli
- Caritas
- Farsi Prossimo
- ACVP Camerun
- Ospedale Besta

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