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Tuesday, 29 November 2011 04:00

Recovery and reuse of bicycles and accessories... for all ages!

The bike is used by the whole family, from children to grandparents and it’s an ecological means of transport, entertainment and sport. In 2010 some volunteers from the non-profit organization A Braccia Aperte, along with Ciclofficina "Ciclobarona – MiRaggio Association", began to practice a virtuous recovery of bicycles and accessories in disuse.

The idea that had an unexpected success, is based on the role of non-profit organization A Braccia Aperte for the collection phase of bicycles and accessories (helmets, pumps, reflective vests, etc. ...) that come from families who do not use anymore because of the growth of children or from abandoned at the public parks of the west of Milan.

Thanks to the volunteers of the cycle-shop MiRaggio and spare parts recovered, bikes return to life and are gifted behind free offer, during trade fairs in which the association participates, through the website or by word of mouth.
This activity has become a form of self-financing for “Parco della Vita” and a help for those several families who can’t afford a new bicycle.


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