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Thursday, 20 August 2009 00:00


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Recycling corks is a small idea
that turned into a real project rooted in the territory of Milan and its hinterland. This project  led us to collaborate with respectable partners such  as the WWF Italy, Cooperativa E.S.T.I.A., the Amorim Cork Italy and the Centre of Research Sardegna :  together  we immediately found social harmony on the ecological aims of this project.
Through simple containers, created by the re-usage of objects, such as demijohns and bottles for water, the collection of caps has been developed on a network of more than 70 gathering points, which are still increasing. Others also  successfully joined this project such as  kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, fair trade workshops, oratories, several groceries NaturaSì,  Coop supermarkets, bars, restaurants, volontary organizations, wine shops, O.N.A.V., G.A.S., and also friends and acquaintances difficult to quan
Below you can  find the entire list of collecting points called "Pubblici" where you can bring your corks without issues.

Some information

current situation: november 2012. The word is speading and the collection is growing, let's continue the good job!


- 1) spreading the word, collecting caps and bringing them in our Points of Collection 

- 2) subscribing and sharing our Facebook Group
  "Raccolta tappi di SUGHERO per il Parco Della Vita (MI)"   Now 590 members !

- 3) becoming a new collection point. We will provide you the collection kit which includes: fliers, posters, stickers, sacks of jute for stocking and if needed a demijohn for the collection. Soon a special cardboard box realized for the “Campagna Etico” will be available. 


1) Stickers : Adesivo Nuova Campagna Etico 2011

2) New Information Poster... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 3) First project ....Old Depliant 


where you can bring us your corks

Enhance Italian Cork !!!


- Amorim Cork Italia -

A very large Portuguese company which produces corks. This company is involving several other social associations to promote corks recycling. It’s a new companion which highlights the efforts of our recyclers helping them in economical and promotional/communicative ways.

                          - Cooperativa Sociale  Estia -            
                           pat the prison of Bollate (Milan)

Founded in 2003, it’s an ONLUS social cooperation which counts 30 people, was born from the meeting of different professionalities that cooperate from more than 10 years for cultural and educational activities at the prison “Casa di Reclusione di Milano, Bollate”.The basic principle of our work aims at furthering economic self-sufficiency and socio-professional  autonomy of prisoners and also at the expansion of activities outside the cooperative in order to offer members a real prospect of return to work after being released. The services of the cooperation include the following areas of activity: carpentry, service of sound technician and lighting, studio production and post production audio/video, maintenance and building computers, theatrical and film productions.
E.s.t.i.a. participates to the recycling industry of cork caps, selecting the material and dealing with the resulting storage.

 - WWF Italia -

Its involvement in the protection of the Mediterranean cork oaks,  WWF also produced the following documentation:   

" Strategia WWF per la salvaguardia delle Sugherete nel Mediterraneo
Sughero & Vino : Alleanza ambientale “dalla foresta alla bottiglia”

and sponsors our project.

Learn more about WWF and corks here:

 -  Sardegna Ricerche -

new partner in this collection project, explains why it supports this initiative:
"You will help nature to welcome your children. Even in the future."
Sardegna Ricerche, as part of innovation and enhancement of the cork, emphasizes the importance of the whole chain of the cork industry, from the forest to the transformation processes, products for wine making, building, crafts and other sectors. Sardegna Ricerche in partnership with WWF Italia, Associazione “A braccia aperte” and cork producers of Sardinia, decided to promote a national campaign to incentivate the  recycling of  natural cork, moved by the respect for the environment and by the economic impact generated by the supply chain of recycled cork caps.
Careful consumers choose natural products that are totally recyclable in order to guarantee and ensure the conservation of forests and environment, focusing on low environmental impact.
Cork cap, a forest in your hands to create new products from smart recycle.



The recycling of cork caps is also mentioned in Wikipedia!

Take a ride on the famous web encyclopedia where you will find all there is to know on the cork recycling process " SUGHERO "  

- Cooperativa Sociale ArtiMestieri -

More than partners they are traveling companions. Pioneers in the collection of corks, they created a recycling system that allows you to reuse the cork granulate, obtained by grinding the caps, in the field of green building as an acoustic insulation. In addition, since the last ten years, Artimestieri is specialized in various fields from bio-forniture to green building, paying careful attention to quality and ecological impact of the materials used.


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