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Thursday, 20 August 2009 00:00

A Braccia Aperte” is an all-volunteer non-profit organizationregisteredin the Regional Sectionof theVolunteer (Province of Milan, Decree of 03.30.2006n.406/2006) whose only objective is to achieve social solidarity withdirect, personal and free action of its members. At present it counts more than20volunteers.

The association carries out direct action to overcome hardship through actions such as:

- reception in the context of the family home and/or community centers and activation of support services for families with hospitilized children;

- realization of a parkfor families in Cesano Boscone called "Parco della Vita"

 - research and study of risk factors for both families or singles and resources to prevent and activate the local network

- The mutual help among families through forms of temporary accommodation, in particular reference to the needs o of single women with children who need support to achieve autonomy.


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