A Braccia Aperte ONLUS

“A Braccia Aperte”: a name that’s not casual, especially if in its deep meaning we can find a place of arms moving toward those in need.

It is a gesture apparently limited in movement, but generous in the strength and in the desire to offer solidarity with small, but significant, everyday gestures.
Arms that work, that search each other providing help in that irreplaceable and extraordinarily generous world of "voluntary", virtuous reality of a civil society. The altruism and the willingness of the volunteers ensure that the work of "A Braccia Aperte" has a face and a soul. Come and meet us and discover our sincerity.
I would like to thank to all those who let this Association exists and pursue its philanthropic and social projects.
I thank in advance those who want to participate, in any form desired, to the future of this small and ambitious human enterprise.

-Professor Antonio Santu-

President of A Braccia Aperte ONLUS (Milano - Italy)




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